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Monalisa Skinglow is a convenient and affordable Spa in Ibadan to be for proper de-stress. Our experts are readily available for your every beauty and wellness request; from body exfoliation to facial treatment in Ibadan, body waxing to hydrotherapy and so on

Looking for the best Spa in Ibadan or go-to place for your facial treatment in Ibadan? Monalisa Skinglow is an ideal place for you. 

Monalisa Skinglow: The Best Spa In Ibadan

Monalisa Skinglow is a place to be present and find peace, as the best spa service provider in Ibadan, we offer customize treatments designed to bring around your spirit and soul while at the same time strengthen your body. 

At the best place for facial treatment in Ibadan(Monalisa Skinglow), Our experts will leverage array of Modern-products and ingredients to guide and bring your skin back to life.

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Our Services

As the best facial Spa in Ibadan, Monalisa Skinglow leverages our expertise in skincare and maintenance. With that, we deliver best facial treatment in Ibadan to help our customers reduce stress, eliminate under eye burn, treat acne and anti-aging.

Sauna Bath

Sauna Bath at Monalisa Skinglow will get you sweating, hence released toxins stored in the body system

Body Spa Treatment

A full body Spa improve blood circulation, support weight loss, encourage a better sleep, supports weight loss e.t.c.

Body Waxing

Waxing as a form of semi-permanent hair removal aids fine hair regrowth, reduced risk of ingrown hairs and so on.

Hydrotherapy Treatment

Our hydrotherapy treatment would help treat back pain, muscular pain, joint stiffness, aching joint e.t.c.

Skin and Body Wash

Our skin was services in Ibadan help remove dirt from the skin, boost hydration, and help facial treatment work perfectly.

Body Polish and Exfoliation

Monalisa Skinglow exfoliating service in Ibadan help get rid of dead cells from the body, thereby leave your skin brighter.

Happy Stories

As a reliable go-to place for facial Spa in Ibadan, below are testimonials from our customers who trust use with their facial treatment in Ibadan.

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Mark Martinez


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